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Squaring up cants

I am looking for advice on squaring up cants especially for the larger logs.  Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.

wayne busse
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When I'm cutting beams and I want to make sure they end up square, I make the first couple cuts then flip the log 180°. This ensures two sides are parallel, then rotate the cant 90° and use a framing square to make the third side square to the first two. Some folks use a level but I find the square to be a little more accurate.

If I'm cutting one inch boards I use a level since it's not imperative that edges be at perfect right angles. The boards will have to be run across a jointer in the finishing process anyway.

This assumes you've leveled the blade to be parallel to the bunks, the only way to make a parallel cut. If you measure the sides after the cant is cut parallel to the first side and they aren't the same, the blade is not true to the bunks. Time to readjust the blade guides.

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Thanks for the info. I will make sure I give all that a shot.

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I've squared the blade to the bunks, but don't worry about the stops being at right angles; i'm considering some options for cam-based stops that I can adjust easily.

I also use a level, and shim a couple bunks if I need for the square cut. Once I get a good right angle, I stop worrying about it.

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I square it to the bunks after the first cut then all the rest of the cuts have to be square if the blade is parallel to the bunks.