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My log stops are crooked

I have an earlier model lm 2000 with the 20 hp honda engine....great mill and i've made and saved thousands with it.
I have the entire mill in the shop now and going to go over it end to end with a fine tooth comb and correct all that is wrong/bent/broken/missing.

At the end of last season my vertical log stops are crooked. I am going to remove them completely and then re-install them to see if that will get them back to square.

I have one in particular that is bent (bubbled out where the bolt holds the arm to the plate) so the stop is never square. My old man is heading down this saturday to pick up a wack of new parts but my question would be to woodchuck, does norwood still make brackets that will work with my older mill? Also, what about the water jugs? Do you have any better quality ones, I go through one every year. Might wanna do something about that.

Get at me brah and let me know what you figure.

In boardfeet we pray.

Good morning Case450

We're glad to hear you appreciate your mill. Norwood carries a full stock of LumberMate 2000 parts and accessories, including the vertical log post brackets and water bottles. If you don't do so already, I recommend trying to keep your water bottle covered up to prolong the life and help protect it from UV rays from the sun.

Please note that Norwood Industries is open Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. E.S.T.

If you have any further questions or need to place an order, please call us call toll-free at 1-800-567-0404.

Have a great day,

Mike at Norwood

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For the water bottle, I use a 5 gallon (red) gas jug. Remove the air vent cap and slide the plastic hose in the small air hole. Sat the jug sideways with the small hose on the bottom. I been using mine for a couple of years now.

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My logstops on my over ten year old lumbermate are totally shot. I can't get them to cut even close to square.

My old man went down to norwood to get new stops (we got a new water jug and new belts for the wheels) but apparently they don't make logstops for sawmills like ours anymore.

At any rate...has anyone out there ever fabricated their own logstops? If so, have any pics?

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Case450, I don't know if you're still looking, but I built a set of vertical posts last summer that could be made as light or heavy as you have the steel to build with. My posts are only 11/2" x 1/4" square tube and are a little light for turning logs against. I use the regular log posts for turning, and the verticals for squaring after I get one side flat. I think you will get some ideas of how to build some from the pics.

You can get an idea of how they are bolted on to the bunks.

The two bolts you see here are for fine tuning (squaring) the posts. I find that they get out of square more than I wish they would, but I can resquare them pretty easily with these bolts. The "pockets" that the posts slide up and down through were fabricated from angle iron. I made them a little sloppy fitting from side to side, to accommodate the adjustment setting. As they are now, the adjustment bolts contact the posts directly. It would be better to have flat plate between the adjustment bolts and post so the bolts wouldn't "dig" into the posts. Front to back the squareness is not important so no adjustment there.

Just another pic.

Hope this helps.

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that is awesome!! Thanks for taking the time to take some pics for me! I appreciate it brah!

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Thanks Case. I really built them (at least the first one) as a prototype while I had the mill set up at a job 10 miles away. It looked like the first one would work, so I built the second and took them out to the mill. I did have to grind the tops down a little cause they were a bit too high (mounting holes off a little). Had I known that they would work as well as they do (as is), I would have made them better looking. They work pretty good so I'll leave them on. I would like to build two more, but it's been so blistering hot here I avoid working in the garage as much as possible.

If you get around to building yourself a set, you could save lots of time making the "tube pockets" out of square tube, rather than welding up angle iron like I did. I just didn't have any sq tubing bigger than the 1 1/2" but I had the 2" angle laying around. Just remember to leave enough slop to allow for your adjustment screws to work. I guess if you're good enough you could build them so you can MOUNT them square and wouldn't need the adjusters. I would use 2" sq for the posts if I were to do it again.

I have mine mounted about an inch inboard of the permanent stops on the bunks.

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Hi All: How about some of you guys with the NEW Norwood mill posting some pictures of the log posts/// JP