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Log Dogs

Hi all I am new here and just bought a Norwood Lumbermate 2000 in mint condition. I have it set up and leveled and am ready to start cutting. I am having a problem figuring out how the log dogs work. Does anyone have any pictures of this mill with a log in place? Thanks

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I have attached a couple of photos hope this helps. Slide the dogs across the support bar until the point of the dog is against the log and pull back on the dog post and screw the dog into the log below the level of the blade or cut, make sure the handle of the dog is down so you do not cut it with blade.                                                                                           




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Post Oakie
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Yukon245, welcome to Norwood mills and welcome to the forum!  Will you be milling lumber to expand your fishing lodge?  If this is your first band sawmill, take your time, and enjoy using it.  What equipment do you use with the mill?  Hope you'll keep us updated on your milling.