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OL' Purple Pete
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Norwood Band-sawmills here in Alberta Canada?

I've seen alot of band mills down east and a couple in B.C. And only me and another guy up north of High Prairie,East of Donnelly on the out skirts of a small town on the side of the Highway.To me it look like a LM2000.I couldn't stop over cause I was driving a Rig for a company hauling what ever the oil rigs needed and when ever and where ever.24 hours 7 days a week.I loved it .But now I'm retired.Saw bones pulled my class 1 till I proved that I was & never had a heart attack.So I just said let it be.One day I'm going to cruise up to see it first hand if possible.And maybe swing by Valley View to see a circle mill also.But I was wondering if there is any Norwood band mills here Alberta Canada?wink

                     If they are permitted to say where they are from.


                                                                                                   G.& P's Sawmill = Gordon & Pat's Sawmill. wink


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I'm quite a ways SouthWest of you, Oregon (down in the States). But drop me a note if you are in the area. Not that I expect you to be, but welcome to the forum.

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There's a few in Alberta Gordon.

OL' Purple Pete
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I hate to say but I only  know of or seen mine and 2 others lol