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Idaho Sawer
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Big logs old MK 2 mill

I have the chance to get a big maple but log from atree being cut done at a church in Salmon Id. It is 6 foot on the butt. I have a 440 with a 28 in bar. I will try a rip. any sugjestions on the best aproach. I bought mthe mill new seaveral years ago but this will be my first hard wood log

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When you plan where to rip, think of the log you will be leaving. Cut the most uneven side or sides, not the easy ones.

Try and follow the grain of the log you are leaving, if you can. That way, when you have it on the mill, it will be easier and make better lumber.

I don't use a guide to rip, but I sometimes make a chalk line or something before I cut. Then I make a scoring cut, only an inch or so deep the full length. Then, when I am cutting, I have something to follow. A board would probably be easier.

Always keep in mind the angle of the chain saw handle. If you don't, the tip will wander and the cut will be all over the place.

Don't worry too much if you get a little off track, something that can be cleaned up in a single board cut. Spend your energy on avoiding the big issues.