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Now this is weird ...

So, like most of you with my Norwood HD 36 I have an abundance of saw dust.  A friend of a friend is starting a mushroom farm/business and wants to buy fresh clean sawdust for his organic fungus. So two questions:

  1. What are the different methods for collecting the sawdust? Anybody have a 4 hole manifold that connects to a shop vac?
  2. How much to charge for the dust? by the pound or by the volume?

I don't need to get rich off of material I was using to soften the gravel driveway but a couple of extra bucks to offset the cost of blades never hurt.



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Bag it up in yd. waste plastic bags and sell it to him for ?? $ 5 or $10 a bag. 

Most guys set their saw mills up backwards to me but this is how I collect it.

This is where the saw dust goes when sawing .

I put that wood floor down with 1" x 6" boards that were to bad to sell 17 years ago still holding up.

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Do you have a close up pictures of the vaccuume and connection?


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I don't use a vacum just the saw just blows it into that area. 

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I bought a 8" 90 degree flue pipe for the saw dust end of the guard and hold it on with a bungee cord,  that directs the sawdust almost straight down.   I lay a tarp down and it collects 90% of the sawdust.  I can then drag the tarp to where I want to dump it.

You could just as easily collect it in garbage cans for resale.

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In the Norwood quarter sawn lumber video they show a homemade baffle being used to direct sawdust down into a 5 gallon bucket hanging on the sawhead.  I have been wanting to try this but haven't slowed down enough make a baffle.  Would save a lot of cleanup when I am cutting somewhere I can't leave the sawdust.  

wayne busse
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The bucket hanging off the saw works good on smaller stuff if you remember to empty it. I needed a lot bigger bucket when cutting 30" twenty footers, at least ten gallons per cut...

It doesn't catch all of it though, as a lot of dust blows out under the shield, but enough to make it worthwhile if you want an easier clean-up afterwards.

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A few years back, I put the 8" elbow on my ML26, and made some troughs to collect the dust.  Worked quite well.  I shovelled the dust into bags for a friend who has horses, as it does a great job soaking up the urine.  I moved the saw last fall, and this year I've been using Postie's pail on the cover trick.  It works well,  allowing me to empty the pail straight into the feedbags.  The only downside is, you need to empty the pail.  I find its about 20 square feet of log face per empty.  For example, yesterday, I was cutting 8' logs with a typical plank face of 16", so 8' * (1 1/3') * 2 is about 20 sq ft.  Filled four feed bags, one pail at a time.  Obviously, with a 16' log of the same general size, I'd be emptying after every pass.

I'll probably go back to the wood troughs, as I can empty those about four times a day, rather than having to handle the pail every couple of passes.

There's some alternative ideas in this thread:

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