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centrifugal clutch HD36

Anyone have any issue with the blade continuing to spin after you disengage the throttle. Usually happens after a couple hours of milling… If you touch it to the throttle..... it  stops.

More of an annoyance and possible safety hazard.

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My clutch has never given a moments trouble it many years now but I do blow the saw dust out of it after i finish sawing which maybe has some thing to do with it ?

wayne busse
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I think it's an adjustment of the governor linkage, there may be a thread on the forum.  If the blade continues to spin, try giving the throttle a quick bump. The quick throttle up and then down usually brings the idle down where it should not spin.

A tack/hr meter will let you know for sure. They go for around &20.00 on Amazon. I think if  I remember right, mine is 1680rpm at idle and 3800 at full throttle in the cut.

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Per another thread I posted recently, also check to make sure your throttle lever happily returns to a deep idle when you let go.  On my ML26, I ran into a problem where the throttle lever was overtight, and the spring that returns it to idle wasn't able to pull the lever all the way over.  My blade also continued to move, very slowly.  I hadn't realized my idle speed was 'high' until my throttle cable snapped, but the ultimate cause was that the throttle lever wasn't returning all the way to idle.  Admittedly, I'm not sure this is relevant for the design of the HD36.