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Wood for door

I am looking for suggestions on the best wood to use for a front entry door that will be stained and varnished. The door will have west exposure for my office college essay writing service, and we can get high humidity during Michigan summers and sub-freezing temperatures in winter. The door, transom, sidelights, and frame will be created of the same wood. I am looking for a wood that will last without binding/warping/splitting or other potential issues. So far we're leaning towards solid  oak or mahogany Any insight would be appreciated. 

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Surely some one has written and essay on the subject wink. I have a feeling wood is prone to all of the above you mentioned some just to a lesser degree.

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Because of the humidity, I'd look at anything historically used for boats. Teak? 


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It is probably the coating and its application that will make the difference.  Actually, yellow pine is not a bad choice.  Cypress, redwood?

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As I was raised  in a small town woodwork manufacturing buisness and later went on to work in it, its not really the type of lumber being used which will make the differance. One major factor i was thought was trees should be dormant when cut down. Another big factor is going to be the finished used. We've made many entrance systems over the years and mostly use pine for the frame and used many other other types of wood for the door but overall we preferred to use pine also. And we have pretty similar weather as michigan here.