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Ferdinand Bella...
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How long should I wait for cedar wood to air dry,

HELLO EVERY ONE . i HAVE BEEN QUITE BUSY , AND JUST GOT MY COMPUTER WORKING AGAIN, I am building a porch a the back of my house ,and I am using 2x6 cedar wood the I have just mill 30 days ago.My question is it ok to use this wood for the deck now ,or do I have to wait longer to dry it (air dry ) will it shrink more , I undertsand cedar wood air dry much faster, I had this wood in a pile with stiker at every 18'' apart. I just got finish planing all the 2x6 , it plane quite nice , I will be screwing down the 2x6. thank you , Ferdinand.

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air dry for 60-75 days, then use it on your deck, if you use it now the boards going to twist on you most likely

Gerry B
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Ferdinand: I have just finished milling cedar logs that were cut this past March. After stacking and stickering the same way that you described, the lumber is ready to use, with a moisture content of 12%. I don't think you would have any problems with using your cedar lumber right now. Gerry B.

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Ferdinand I've put my deck down right off the mill with dry cedar logs, and done plenty of decks with cedar from the lumber yd. Just don't leave to big of space between the boards or by the end of summer you'll be able to throw a cat through the cracks. Their going to shrink at least another 1/8\" and swell up again durning the winter.


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Not sure which type of cedar we are talking about? I built a board and batten shed out of green eastern white cedar. It did shrink a tiny amount, maybe 1/8\" but the wood is stable not twisting or splitting looks pretty much like the day I milled it. I`d use it for a deck right off the mill. :) Great stuff! light, easy to work with even green.

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Ferdinand Bella...
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Thank you all for your anwser , The cedar I am using is western cedar ,it has grow in swamping area and very good shape all way true the log , I have deside to use it now .I am screwing it down at every 24\" apart ,and also I am using a protecter, from the home depot, it is especialy for cedar wood, thank for all the information , Ferdinand.

Seasoned Carpentry
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I would use it on a deck right off the mill. Most pressure treated wood sold is wet from the treatment. On a deck it will get wet and dry out many times over its life. Putting it down green is not a problem. Since you are using screws, the only way to attach a deck in my opinion, any boards that really split or warp can be replaced easily. I've put down many pressure treated decks and they are more prone to splitting and warping than cedar. Screws hold them down well.