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How Long, how long shall I wait

Good Morning Men!

How long must I keep stickers in slabs and lumber.

Last fall I stored all of my air-dryed lumber into an old barn and would like to remove the stickers to consolidate the stacks and make more room for access. They were all btwn 11% and 14% when I checked them. The Barn is a PA bank barn (old dairy barn) with good air movement.



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Under the conditions you mention, dead-stacking should be fine.  I've never had a problem with air-dried lumber flat-stacked under my open shed roof.

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Like Eddie I've restacked piles of lumber without the stickers and no problems.

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Thanks Gents! 

Hope you are all well.


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One thing you may do is sticker every 10 layers or so, so there is some cross-support. Makes it one big bundle, instead of a lot of stacks of boards. More stable. Don't need to be too thick of sticker, just something to hold it together.