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Sawdust blower

The weather is improving so time to start sawing, to make life a bit easier I traded some lumber for a small dust collector and mounted it to the exhaust end of the blade cover then connected 30 feet of 4 \" flex pipe and a power cord both of which are suspended overhead. Hit the switch then start the cut and all sawdust goes outside. After a full day of sawing the only dust on the floor was in side the rails that had come off the saw before it made it to the blower. Most dust came from edging boards at the end of the day.

Now all I need to do is break a blade and have it go out the end of the cover into the impeller. Now that I know it works and the loops in the hose doesn't seem to bother I will try and mount the blower in the basket or behind the blade guard.

I enjoy the photos everyone includes with their posts, however we only have dial up and it takes forever to load photos, I am 58 and do not have that many years left although my dad kept cutting his firewood into his early 80's.

Take care


Robert in W. Mi.
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Hey DFC,

I'm on dial up too.... You just have to learn how to size your pictures smaller, and then they won't take so long to upload...

Sounds like you have that DC figured out... Good job on that! Now, lets see some picts of it!


Eivind from Norway
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I second that.

PLEASE post pictures.

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A good size for the pics. 640 X 480 and they will load fast.


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Anyon seen the pictures,I'm also on (dino-speed) dial-up,sure would to see them :( z-z-z-z-z-z--z-z-z-z---------- holler when the pics come on line :lol: :D :wink: :!: