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Belt jumping off on mobile LM29

I had an interesting discovery about my LM29 last week. I was having occasional issues with the belt jumping, and it was getting worse. Belt looked OK, did a lot of things with the tensioner, still a problem from time to time.

Finally, instead of checking the tensioner plane with the drive wheel, I also checked the plane of the clutch (which is mounted on the motor shaft). That was a bit over 3/8" inch behind where it should have been!

Checked the enging mount bolts; two had loosened to where I could turn them by hand.

I loosened them all, pushed the motor forward a bit, checked plane, and re-tightened. Haven't had time to use the saw since, but I believe my belt issues are behind me.

I have had the saw on roads quite a bit, some of them gravel in somewhat poor conditions, so I think this will be one more thing on my checklist to watch for.

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Glad it turn out to be an easy fix for you !!!

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The fix seemed to work. Cuts great, tracks great. 

Post Oakie
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Thanks for the advice.  All to easy to assume that nuts & bolts on the sawmill are going to stay put.  Is there a lock washer on the engine mount?

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No lock washer. I didn't take the nuts off to see if they have ridges to bite. I may add a second nut, now that I'm thinking of it.

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What a difference a blade makes. I assembled my newly purchased LM29 and bought 5 extra blades. When I installed the blade, I used one of the blades from the 5 pak. What a disaster. It kept coming off and wouldn't really cut too well. I read where someone had a blade inside out, but that wasn't the case. I changed it to the blade that came with the saw and what a total difference. It cuts straight and easy.I just hope the other 4 blades aren't useless too.

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Good find - by sharing your experience you have possibly saved someone else hours of misery.  I have started using the blue Loctite thread locker on bolts that I don’t want to work loose.  Unfortunately I didn’t think about it when I put the mill together, but use it anytime I have to take something loose or tighten a bolt.  I’ve had a couple of bolts work loose lately. 

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Roland that is a good idea. I will check my clutch also. I have been sawing for two weeks without the guides. Last week I started throwing blades more often than I thought reasonable. When I checked it out mor thoroughly I found that the drive belt was curled so that when it would roll over the idler it did so upside down. The fix was easy but what caused it and why didn't it self right as it spun. Never thought to check the clutch alignment but I will now.