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Blade won't stop rotating

<p>I just recently started using my HD36 and have noticed the blade does not stop when engine is idle.&nbsp; I have the throttle all the way out and set the drive belt loose and tight with no change.&nbsp; When I first start the engine the blade does not move at idle, but as soon as I first throttle up, it wont stop rotating.&nbsp; Thank you and hope to hear an easy fix!</p>

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Did you loosen the throttle cable where you grip the handle. Also, make sure you used the correct position of the 3 for the cable. If it still does not quit rotating loosen the end of the cable where the clamp holds it on the engine. If all else fails there was an entry on this forum about using a screwdriver to slightly nudge the stop postion. I will try and attach a picture showing this.  Hope you get it working the way you like. I will have to upload a picture when I am home as i cant get this to work at this time.



Post Oakie
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Wolfe's suggestions sound spot on.  If it sounds like the engine is idling a bit high, it could be an adjustment of the nut that holds the cable in place on the control handle. There is a way to adjust the centrifugal clutch, but that would take a call to Tech Support.

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Hi, I have the same issue with the blade not stopping spinning, have put up with it for two years now but it drives me nuts! Cables are all correct and I have been in contact with the techs at Briggs & Stratton and they tell me my idle speed is correct so they reckon it’s to do with the centrifugal clutch. Please keep us posted on how/if you figure it out. Cheers! 

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Have you tried cleaning the clutch ? 

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With no blade or belt on the clutch, does the clutch spin freely? If so, it could be something else. I don't know, but if the belt is cocked, pulling at a little bit of an angle, it could keep the clutch from disconnecting all the way (not certain, this is pure theory).

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I have the same problem, and I am very frustrated , so what I have did yesterday as follows oh  my saw mill is MX34.

I have adjusted the clutch or the pully little down,  then I fixed the break belt I have made it little tight.  Know it is ok, but I do not know if this is the right way to resolve this kind of problem or not.  When the engine is in idle the blade and the wheel  should not rotate.  Hopefully this information is helpful

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How hard is the blade engaged at idle?  Put the blade against a log with the engine at idle.  Does the blade stop, or does the engine slow down?  How hard do you have to push the blade against the end of the log to make it stop?