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LM2000 parts??

What parts are availabvle yet for the LM2000? May need new carriage rollers soon. The parts page doesnt list anything for LM2000 mills any longer. 


Good thing I bought enough bed extensions to cut 24' as I see the older bed parts are not available any more :(


I also have an Edgemate.



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Do you need the whole wheel or just the bearings ?  You could take a wheel into a machine shop or 2 and see what it would cost for them to make you some.

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Call Norwood. The wheel may be universal to all Norwoods, and the bearings can be pressed out and purchased anywhere (cheap too). Wish I had an edger  -   they didn't sell them for too long.

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That's the problem I have... Need bed extensions! Willing to buy a whole bed or parts if someone has a damaged one. You may have to result to a machine shop for the parts! It sucks that we can't get parts for the older machines.