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Hi I'm putting together my LM29 and have it almost done but ran into a problem.  It's all complete but no oil and gas in engine and noticed the saw head carriage won't go down without helping it a little by pushing on it. The 4 plastic blocks are just snugged down not very tight at all. The one thing I haven't done yet is put blade on and mesured from it to the bed on both sides to make sure right/left are same distance. Seems like I have to push on the left side a little then it will go but not on it's own.

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"The one thing I haven't done yet is put blade on and mesured from it to the bed on both sides to make sure right/left are same distance."


That would be the next thing to check.  If it is off even by 1/8", it can bind.  If there is still a problem, you might try lubricating with silicone spray lubricant.  It should slide up and down with no binding.


Congratulations on the portable sawmill and welcome to the forum.  Looking forward to hearing more from you.  Where are you and what will you be milling?

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Hey,   How did you resolve this?  I'm having the exact same problem. I  can sit on the saw head carriage and it wont go down. Left side seems to stick more too. I spoke with Norwood customer service and they told me there was an issue with some of the plastic risers that were fabricated a little too tight. They sent me new ones. I just pulled everything apart. I slip on the new ones and I feel no difference. I can barely slide them up and down the verticals by hand (and they have oil on them)?! How tight are they supposed to be?  PS I,ve checked everything else. Everything starts out level and spacing is equidistant on both sides. my cables are even and rolling up evenly too.   I was not expecting this and I'm getting very frustrated. 

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They should not be that tight. Not even close to it. As a comparison if I disengage the brake on my HD 36 it will free fall. There is no resistance other than gravity as far as I can tell. If the piece is that tight something is really wrong. Do yourself a favor. Get a micrometer ( even a crappy from harbor freight will do)  I would measure it in mm but that’s just me. 

you need to measure the verticals (OD) and the plastic guided (ID) then call you rep and tell them the measurements. They could have a bad batch and that will keep them from sending you another set of bad ones. 


- Don