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OL' Purple Pete
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I'm just wondering alot of things as the length of time the blades stay sharp with clean wood,Also is there a way sharpen them yourself or do you throw away when dull? Also wondering if anyone has one here in Alberta Canada?Would love to see it in action.I can't seem to find a blade sharpener service here in nothern Alberta.I have Canadian Tire planer and I just throw away blades when dull and go and buy new ones.I know it's a shame but that's life I guess.I'm just wondering and thought maybe others may do the same but never thought of asking.

wayne busse
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 You can ship your blades to cooks or woodmizer resharp for seven dollars a blade plus shipping. I have 45 blades so that I have enough sharp ones while I wait for a box of ten to go out for sharpening.

Post Oakie
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I've got Norwood's PRO sharpener, and it works fine, but it does take some time.  You may be better off with one-time use, by the time you figure shipping expense to a professional sharpening service.

OL' Purple Pete
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Sorry Fella's I was wondering about the planer blades or log molder blades ,as for band blades I have band saw blde sharpener setter.I'm just wondering about them LOG MOLDER  OR BETTER KNOWN AS PLANER BLADES.There was a guy that did sharpen planer blades  frown but he closed shop cause of the economy.

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You know, as new systems get more automated (film processing, blade sharpening, etc.) things that are a bit less common get lost;

Planer blades usually could be sharpened anywhere a circular saw could, but nowdays, probably not.

I would suspect your best bet would be to find someone with a garage operation, and maybe a milling machine? Not sure.

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Pete buy a flat diamond hone and you'll be able to touch them up right on the machine a few times before getting them sharpened.

c comeau
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For just strait planer blades busy bee tools has a sharpner that is not very expensive. I touch them up couple of times with a oil stone between sharpening. For sharpening knives with a profile I have a homemade grinder than uses used grinding wheels from automated skate sharpners and I shape the wheels for different shape on the knife and change the accordingly to the shape of the knife. Build the grinder to make my own moulding knives and its nothing fancy.