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lumber mate 2000 disassembly

Hi, I bought a used Lumbermate 2000 a few years ago. I moved it home on a trailer. It came with an axle but the axle and tires was never put on. I couldnt see any brackets to mount the axle so those must be special order ? Anyway I now need to move the mill to a remote location. The only way to get it there is by taking it apart. Since the mill was assembled when I bought it, I dont know how complicated its going to be to take it apart and put it back together. Are there any tricks? Anything to watch out for? 

I am also going to order a bunch of blades from a company called Timber Wolf bandsaw blades. They list quite a few different types of blades. Most of my wood will be green frozen spruce and pine, but some of it wont be frozen ( summer cutting) what blades should I get? 

Thanks in advance

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I have an LM29, and if that is any gauge, taking it apart and getting it back together without a manual will not be an easy go. The levelling and squaring would be a challenge.

How long is it? How far are you transporting it? You may consider something simple like getting some boards (4X6 or so) that go most of the length of the bed, mounting U-bolts to a plate and mounting the plate to the 4X6's. 


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If it came with an axle that reaches across the width of the mill, it is not the factory setup  -  probably homemade  -   just an axle meant to be clamped to the rails for temporary transport.  If you have to take it apart, I suggest calling Norwood to obtain a manual if they still have them.  When I have called Timberwolf, they ask me what I am cutting and then make the appropriate recommendation.  I'm sure they will do the same for you.  If I was in your situation, I'd buy the standard 10 degree hook, 7/8" pitch, .042" thick, 1 1/4" blade  -  with the set they recommend for what you are cutting.

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My mill has a 14 foot bed. I am taking it to our fly in fishing lodge. It is very remote and the ony way there is 50 miles via snowmobile. 

The axle for sure came with the mill. The guy I bought it from got the mill new, but never put the axle or tires on. I will see about getting a manual. I think I can move the powerhead without taking it apart, so will only have to mess with the carraige. 

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Can you post a picture of the mill? That may help figure out what you need.

My LM29 has rails for the mill, and square tube under that for the trailer frame. If yours doesn't have some kind of separate frame under the side rails, it may not have the trailer frame installed.

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I have the lm 2000 with the trailer package and the axles are just wheels that mount to the frame via sqaure tubing and have bolts that hold them in place. If you have the wheels, you could simpy weld some square tubing on the frame. I'll bet it is there if the owner bought the package, it is a little underwhelming how they set it up, it doesn't seem like you want to go long distances. If you need, I can send pics. Check the manual too, when you find one, I know Norwood was out of stock for awhile (unless you read spanish!). It should show parts/locations.

OL' Purple Pete
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I have Norwoods 200 lm and if you need info on trailer,I can scan the pages for you and email them to you,But need e-mail address from you.mail