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Mill walking

When I winch up bigger logs onto the deck of my LM 29, the side further from the log lifts up and the whole mill walks towards the log. I have to stand on the deck rails, to relieve some of this, but I don't weigh enough to counteract the lift factor.  Does anyone else have this problem and/or a resolution for it. I have been checking in to items similar to a trampoline anchor system that screws into the ground and ratchet straps from the screws to the mill legs.


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I have the same problem; my mill is too light for the big logs.

I haven't fixed the issue, but I have considered some options. One time, I tried strapping the post of the winch to an available tree, but that got in the way too much. 

The only answer I came up with is to use some kind of skidding or my peavy to get the log on the loading ramps, so there is some weight on the mill. Then I loop the cable around the log, and have the hook attached to the inside of the rail nearest the loading ramps (instead of over the outside, I hook the cable under the legs, and onto the rail).

That way, when I am winding it, the log tends to roll rather than skid, so it tends to lift the bed less.

Post Oakie
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The earth anchor and strap idea should work. I use a tractor to parbuckle the bigger logs up a ramp, pretty much as Garrison describes.  If you hook to the inside of the sawmill rail nearest the loading ramps, you need to be careful that the log does't lift the hook out and roll back down the ramps in an uncontrolled fashion.  Always make sure that no one is on the downhill side of the ramps!  I had a log roll off just as it reached the top that way.

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Good point. One thing I do, when using the ramp. If I need to reposition anything, I use a wedge of scrap wood to chock the log (wedge behind it so it is less likely to roll back) even if I have the winch cable still in use. I also sometimes use one of those ratchet hand winches to make a secondary attachment, if the log is coming up crooked, and I then have two points of pull to straighten it a bit. I attach the winch to a short bit of chain I have wrapped around the axle, and coming over the far side of the mill.