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I am a new HD36 sawmill owner and am still getting used to my new mill. Its mostly hydraulic but I find myself cutting short logs often times. On my LM2000 I had it all figured out but on my new mill its not quite as easy. I use the Hydraulic clamp in combination with a manual clamp to hold the shorter logs. This works but I noticed it was causing the manual log dog brackets to bend or rack. I contacted Norwood and they sent me out a improved bracket that I think will help on the fixed sawdust exit side. The bracket on the throttle side was not racking but the pin was getting bent as it is very soft metal. It was so bent I was unable to remove it without cutting it out. I decided to beef up the bracket by having some 1/4 angle welded in it. I am also going to enlarge the holes in the bracket and the bar and insert a hardened hitch pin and I think that will resolvce the issue. I thought I would include a picture if anyone is interested.

I would say this is an issue with the mill but it is something that is easily fixable so instead of complaining to the internet i decided to fix it myself.

Cut a few logs so far and it works great, the ceramic guides I am not sure of, but I will give them some time before I make any changes.







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Thanks for posting the sawmill mod.  Good idea on that backing plate.  I did the same thing with the pin-- way too soft, even for manual clamping, so I switched to a grade 9 bolt, and nylon insert nut, since it is easy to move the cross bar with the brackets attached to it.