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mouse nests

so i havent used my mill this year due to building and renovations and since the snow is here ill have to  wait till  spring, so i  decided to get my mill set for the winter,as i was looking at my motor i noticed a mouse nest on  top of my 16 hp twin arround the carb, took an hr to carefully remove it .luckilly i  didnt run  the mill  could have gone up in  smoke. so  just a fyi check youre mill  closely before starting if it has sat for a while. cheers

Post Oakie
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Yeh, critters have ways of finding their way into equipment.  I had a wren build her nest under the blade shield of my sawmill, but I was able to remove the nest while I used the mill, until the chicks got their pin feathers.  Then I just shut down for a couple of weeks, while momma kept bringing the worms & bugs.  Fun to watch.  Also had some mud dauber wasps build a nest between the starter gear and the ring gear in the motor.  Thought I had a seized engine, until I took off the flywheel cover.  Mice seem to have a taste for wiring insulation, so check that, too.

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I always had mouse problems in the cab tractors, combine cab and engine compartment and the grain truck setting in the barn moast of the year unused. friend told me to put dryer sheets (fragerance ones) inside of them, anyplace you dont want mice. they seem to work, change them every few months to keep them fresh. i forgot to put one in our planting tractor cab in the spring this year when i went to move it this fall a mouse had got inside and ate a 12 inch by 20 inch 1/2 inch thick chunk of sound guard insulation from the side console......recon ill remember to do it now......

wayne busse
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 Last summer my big tractor sat for six months waiting for repairs. Mice got in the head liner in the ac ducts. I had to remove the liner and vaccum a huge nest and tons of shit out of the ac ducts. Luckily, I had left a jacket in the cab so they chewed it up instead of foam or wiring.  Even washing everything down with down with bleach didn't get rid of the smell of mouse piss. It was so strong I had to start the tractor and let it run for ten minutes before I could stand to sit in the  cab. Finally after eight months the smell has let up.

 This fall our double oven quit working and after watching dozens of youtube videos and buying an expensive multimeter I found the problem. I small mouse had crawled through a tiny 1/4" slot on the circuit  board and shorted out a relay.  A new control board was $ 400.00 so we just bought a new oven ,cost, $ 1,000.00.

 I bought thirty dollars worth of rat bait and cut a bunch of 4" pipe three foot long. The pipes were placed along the foundations of the house and barns and sheds with a six inch chunk of parafinized rat bait in the middle. To keep the dogs from getting to the bait I put a heavy rock on each pipe. Now if I can just remember to put new bait in the pipes every six months.The bait works great on rabbits too. I've found a couple dead ones in the last month.

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Howdy folks,

       Used to have all kinds of trouble with mice chewing my wires that go to the magneto in my sawmill motor. A friend told me to clean out soup cans and fill them with Moth Balls and place them on either side of the motor. Placed one next to the battery and one on the opposite side.Two years have past and no mice problems.



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I'll have to try that! Thanks!