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OL' Purple Pete
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Moveable Bunk

I'm trying to figure out how to make a moveable bunk for the LM2000 mill.I know someone made it for mill but I lost the picture.So now I'm hoping someone can repost that picture and explain how to tighten the bunk to mill or even show they do it with a photowink.

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I don't recall that thread, and I have an LM29, but isn't the rail perforated? Can you have some pins the size of the holes to stuff into the end of the bunks, holding them in place?I'm thinking of something like a top link pin or the ones my ROPS has to fold down/stand up.

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TY Eddie for figuring out the library part of the submit equation.

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No problem  -  or maybe I should say alot of problems that could be simply resolved if programmers had to use their own apps.