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Norwood Mark 4

JR has a Maek 4 mill that they bought in 98. Have cut a lot of wood on it and built a barn with the lumber cut on it.

We do have one thing that I (Sawwood) have had trouble with it. Two times i have lost the power head off the rails onto the ground

Did not do any damage but sure scard the h out of me. Sunday i was cutting some short Walnut logs like 3' long and when i got to

about the end the log rolled and the power head jumped off the rails. Didn' drop it to the ground but had to strap it down till JR son

Jim could help me set it back on. Used the skid loader and chains to set it back. Now is there any way to make a strap on both side

to help me keep the head on the rails. I looked on you tube and looks like the new mills have a channel iron for rails and that looks

like it goes under the channel to hold it on. Sure would like to make or find out how the new mill keep it on the frame.



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I have a LM29, and the head rides on the top edge of the rail. There is a bit of a flange to the outside, and there are some rollers running under that flange. That keeps the head from rising, but generally they don't carry any weight.

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It must have been a problem because look what they added to the next model, LM2000:

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Eddiemac Does the frame rollers rum on a single rail like the mark 4 or lm 2000 ?


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Eddie's runs on a single rail and that bracket you see in the on the inside of the bed.