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Norwood Skid-Winch

I am thinking about buying a Norwood Skid-Winch. Can anyone who owns one offer a brief review? I would be running it on a 55hp New Holland tractor. The largest logs I would haul would be about 20" in diameter. Thanks 

Post Oakie
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I haven't used Norwood's Skid -Winch, but I have a capstain winch (chain saw powered), and it works great.  I like the control it gives you over the pull.  Any winching system needs a choker cable, skidding cone and a self-releasing snatch block.  The choker cable gives a solid grip on the log (much better than tongs). The cone is especially useful, as it will keep your log from hanging up as you winch it in.  The snatch block lets you change direction while pulling to help maneuver around obstacles.  Also,  the Norwood winch uses rear remote hydraulics on the tractor, so make sure your New Holland is equipped with them.  Just my 2 cents worth.

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Thanks very much Post Oakie. Good advice, which I plan to take.



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One comment on winching and dragging logs around. If you can keep you log clean(ish) your blades will last much longer and your cuts are much better. If I am off site and I have a log that needs to be dragged around wrap the front end in that house wrap tyvek stuff. Use a staple gun. The staples are small and won’t mess with your blade as they are too small. The reduction of sand and mud backed into your log is enormous and you will be glad you did. 

- Don


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I've used a bit of metal roofing to make a sled for the nose, too.

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I owen and built two log arches that I use with my quad . I put a trailer hitch behind my first arch so it tows the second arch which is bigger and the biggest log to haul todate was about 60ft with a but of 28in.Hardly knoticed it when towing down the road, but got alot of stares. Cut it to length when I got to my mill.