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Power lift issues

Hi All

i just put together my new HD36 and have a couple of concerns regarding the lift for the cutting head

wheni use the hand held controller the lift is very very slow  almost to the point of it stops moving

also when the cable rubs quite a bit on the top of the housing so I have to take it off in order for the cable to not rub

this is the first time I have put one together so I am assuming there is something wrong  that I dis


i have taken the cable off and tried it again and it still is slow and still rubs


any help would be much appreciated 


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I have a different mill, but one thing I remember is that it is important which direction the cable winds when you crank. Simply having it on the other side of the bar will make it rub on my mill.

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Ok thanks. Will give that a try

wonder if that would be a reason why it has a really tough time lifting the saw head

Post Oakie
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Might also check electrical connections.  Shouldn't be that slow.

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I am just finishing up on my install and I noticed the same problem I just wound the cable the opposite way and it solved the problem.