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Selling HD36 with hydro and misc

Hi everyone,

I am putting up for sale my HD36. It has less than 5 hours on it.  I am selling because I just don't have the space I thought I would have to have a milling business. If you know anyone who is interested in a fully assembled and tuned up mill and wants to save on shipping please send them my way.  Adding everything up on website and extras would be over 20k and need freight and assembly. pictures available upon request via email. Thanks ya'll!


HD36 23 hp engine

trailer package, hydro integrated package, hydro log loader, hydro log turner, hydro toe boards, 2 ft extension, auto dogging assist, mill cover, lap siding shingle attachment, box of 10 blades, quick drain oil valve kit,  standard sharpener with extra stones. hi-lift jack, logsite 60" handle cant hook temco 5 in 1 log roller cant, come along, motor meters on both mill and hydro motos. Registered plates in California.











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Anyone know of someone looking for this mill?

Post Oakie
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Wish you were closer to Missouri.  You might consider listing the sawmill on Sawmill Exchange.  I've had exellent dealings with those guys.

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Yeah I would say that Missouri would be quite the road trip with the mill haha. Ill give that a look thank you.

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How would you like to make a road trip to Tennessee? cheeky

tom pollock
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Do you still have your band saw mill?

Tom Pollock 760 938 2145

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Yes it is available currently. I shot you a text message.