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Troubleshooting engine problems

I recently purchased a used LM 2000 mill.  It is a 2000 model with a Honda 23 hp motor.  Apparently there was a fire at some point with the motor and pretty much all the electrical was melted. All electrical wires were replaced along with coils and carburetor.  Engine still will not start.  Is there anything specific to be checked in reference to these motors, and has anyone else had any similar issues. Thank you.

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Does the plug get a spark? I would wonder if there is some kind of safety that disconnects power.


You can get the owners manual free at


The top menu lets you get to the service manual, but I believe you have to pay for those.

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Try by passing the low oil shut down that's all I can think of off hand.

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That's a good point, Bill. If the engine was hit by fire, there may be something wrong with how the low oil shutdown works. There may be some other electronic component that isn't working. 


If it isn't getting fuel, I test by spraying some starting fluid onto the air filter (so as it pulls air, it pulls in the starting fluid too). If it fires that way, then the problem may be the fuel system somewhere.

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If it gets spark and won’t start check the ground. If the ignition system is not correct it will ground itself out as default. That is how many engines are stopped. Also I saw that Bill mentioned the oil sensor. That’s a good idea too. As with all switches and sensors you need to know if it’s normally open or normally closed so you bypass it. 

As a precaution I would add some inline fuses to anything that could possibly go wrong. Get the smart buss fuses. They cost a little more but they glow when they burn out. It could prevent a serious electrical failure and another fire. 

- Don