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Scott Shaeffer
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Used Blades $2 each

I started using blades from a different manufacturer who also sharpens them for me so im retiring my Norwood blades. I have 9 bundles with 15 blades each. Theres a variety of types including Norwood Goldline, Norwood cobalt, sabortooth hardened, and Lenox blades. All fit the HD 36 or MX 34 saws. Sizes are 1.25, 1.5 and 1 3/8. Ill need to ship them on a pallet. Contact me if interested. . Im also selling my Norwood sharpener. Will sell all blades for $200 total.

Post Oakie
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What shape are the blades in?  Do they need sharpening & setting?  Sounds like good deal, if shipping isn't too high.