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What went up, won't come down

Just assembled my new LM29, read thru all the directions, but can't find the answer. My saw deck went up fine, but won't lower. Also, the blade is 3/4" out of level from side to side.

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Oh Oh Mike sounds bad , good this we have Roland here he'll be able to give you some direction. Sorry I'm not familar with that particular mill.

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Your cables are wrapped on the thingy the wrong way. 

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wbrent has it correct, I believe. Lower the carriage or set it on blocks (so the cable isn't under any tension), and wind the other direction around the shaft. Should fix it. 

Note: I've done that too.


for the offset height issue, I would set a couple 4X4s on the bed. one on each side), lower the blade until the roller guides sit on the 4X4s. Readjust the cable. I suspect one side has one more wind than the other.