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Bright yellow wood, what is it?

Just seeing if anyone knows what type of wood this is?



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Looks like Osage Orange to me, Ihave have cut some andhave a few pices left to turn on my lathe.



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I thought Osage Orange too, or hedge, but I have never seen it grow 20 feet straight like that, and it didn't have any of those hedge balls on it.   Some have suggested Black Locust or Mulberry.

wayne busse
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 It's hedge apple. I've only seen one tree like you are describing, the property owner asked me to identify the tree for him because he was in doubt like you are. It was growing in a mature woods where it had to grow straight up to compete for sunlight. Most of my hedge sprawl out and grow back close to the ground like a live oak down south. It's easy to make a positive identification of hedge apple or " osage orange", the bark on the roots is bright orange.

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Here wood that color would be Acacia .

Post Oakie
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Since your profile says you're in the Kansas City area, hedge (a.k.a. Osage orange, a.k.a. bodark) would be a good guess.  I read about a fellow at the Forestry dept of the University of MO (Columbia) who is doing genetic research on hedge, trying to develop a strain that grows straight.  I would urge you to make contact with him!  Mulberry (a relative to hedge) would be another good guess.  Leaves on both are distinctive.  I couldn't view your pictures.

Post Oakie
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A link to an article about the U of MO interest in hedge.


Here's a link to the best wood ID web site I've found:

Take a close look at the differences between hedge & mulberry, and I think you'll have your answer.