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Comments from an old fart...

I like playing with wood, and when what I do looks good, I like it even better.

I received this offer from some new newsletter that said if I signed up, I could learn things to become a better woodworker.

I decided not to. I already know how to be a better woodworker, but with old eyes, aches in my wrists after sanding too much, and just generally wanting to hurry so I have time for a nap before dinner, I don't do half of what I know needs to be done.

Is anyone else in the same condition?

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Pretty much the same. I like woodworking, but when I get tired of a project I'll quit until the inspiration returns. Some projects take a long time. Custom sawing, however, commands more dedication as someone is waiting for the lumber. Fortunately, I don't get enough of those jobs to completely dampen my enthusiasm.

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I had an interesting thing happen today.

I accidentally lowered my blade when I hadn't quite cleared the log (LM29). After about 3/4 turn, I caught my mistake, so I raised it, backed up, and lowered it to where I wanted.

I guess I either stretched the blade, or I managed to bend it a couple places (where the guides sit). The cut was wandering all over the place. at least 1 1/2 inches from the highest point to the lowest. I was cutting cedar, tried going slow, but no way to get a straight cut. I stopped after about 6', cut the log off (it was the last cut of the log), and called it a day.

If you lowere your blade on the log, be careful. It may be a good idea to change blades immediately.

Post Oakie
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The tireder you get the easier it is to make simple mistakes around the sawmill.  I'm amazed that I still forget to raise the blade after the cut-- usually no problem, unless stress bends the cant up a bit, lower the log stops, or, as you did, drop the blade on the cant.  Guess that's just nature's way of letting you know it's time to do something else for a while.  Aches & old eyes here, too.

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There is an old saying around here that I wholly agree with:  "You know that you're over the hill when you mind makes a promise that your body can't fill" !!   AMEN.