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Slab sales

Ok here is my problem. I need to find someone in the Georgia,Tennessee,Alabama area that will buy slabs I cut. I may soon have a source of salvage trees from the storm but I do not have (at this time) a place to store,dry the slabs I cut. I have checked woodcraft and rocklers as well as some of the hardwood places in Atlanta and they will only buy "certified" lumber. Does anyone have any ideas how to find a buyer?

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I've sold some with a local bark/garden products dealer. Not the best price, but I didn't have to manage the money. 

wayne busse
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  Instead of selling the slabs, turn them into tables and get ten times the money for them.

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Old Coot, don't know if this will help, but here's how it's been with me in central CA: I have done zero "advertising", as such.  Everything has been by word of mouth, mostly in our small community, but also in ever-increasing concentric circles, as so-and-so tells such-and-such, and then he tells some other person, etc.  Started off with friends from work, friends from church, guys I'd run into at the hardware store, etc.  And, once a few people see the slabs (or pictures), hoo boy! Word gets out.  What you might do is to go the cheap way, using craigslist. Looks like you have some gorgeous wood... a goldmine!  Get some great pictures (maybe even some shots of how they've been used-- or someone else's pictures, even); and then in the ad, put all kinds of specific info on your location, and the types and dimensions of the wood, so that your particular sphere of operations will come up in a search.  My experience has been that, when I do a specific internet search, often stuff from craigslist all over the country will pop up...  So if someone is looking for slabs in Georgia or Tennessee, for instance, your ad comes up.  Only bummer there is, you'll have to re-submit your ad every week or three, to keep it "fresh."

HOWEVER...this has only been with slabs that have been mostly dried, for the most part.  The only fresh-cut ones I've sold have been to cabinet shops (I guess partly because I assume they know how to dry them carefully).  And I imagine even those guys would prefer cured slabs.  Is there any way you can just find a dedicated spot for the slabs to dry? Talk your wife out of her parking spot in the garage, by promising her a cut of the profits?  And then, make SURE you get some weight on those suckers... I recently had a beautiful blue-stain pine slab, 2' x 8' x 3" thick, come back from a woodworker because it had too much twist.  Dang it! That was a $200 sale...

Last point, and then I'll shut up.  Because of the whole live-edge slab craze going on right now, I'm thinking cabinet shops would be your best bet, because they have to be getting customers asking for that.  AND, they would probably have a dry, warm space to let it cure.  Find out what they need in the way of dimensions, and get a few slabs to them... They'll wind up using it somehow, and you've got your sales connection.

Good luck!