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Instructional video

Has Norwood ever made or considered making a series of instructional videos on sawmill operation and lumber production? I know woodmizer makes one but if I bought it I would kind of feel I was cheating on Norwood. 

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Not that i know of.  They tend to rely on customers, FWIW.   The reality is, the systems are so user-specific, I suggest that a we're so good video would be wasted.  There's a lot on line, and a lot of users here.  What are you're questions?  If i'd have known them Friday night, we could have answered them yesterday if what we were doing was on-topic. 

(not difficult, just not focussed on your issue-of-the-day)


P.S. Four years ago, I was a novice.  Not a whole lot smarter now, but my questions are different.  Ask away!

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Not really any specific issues or questions. Just have a thirst for knowledge. I've watched just about every video I could find on the net and a few with the SPIB. I just get tunnel vision I guess. 21+ years in the army in a maintenance section and I try to find out all I can on a specific subject. I did a search on the internet for instructional DVD's and all that came up was woodmizers and the reviews said they were pretty dry. 

Post Oakie
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Norwood has a series of videos on YouTube.  Here's one I did for them on quartersawing.  I plan to do more, but I'm pretty swamped with work.  If you subscribe to that YouTube channel, you'll find more and be alerted when new ones come out.